Website updates in Underscores

Bridge Kids already had a custom built WordPress website, that was functioning fine but contained information that is out of date. The original site was built on the underscores WordPress starter theme by another design agency Studio Marche, who did all the original design but do not have an in house developer for client web changes.

They needed CSS and HTML changes, and the correct information displayed regarding current staff and venue management. They also had to have their WordPress software updated, PHP version and plugins updated, which was done on a staging domain to ensure this wouldn’t break any elements on their site.

After gaining FTP access to their hosting platform, I located the PHP template files that contained the markup and edited the information as required by the business. They also required an image gallery to be added to visually display the centre to prospective customers, as well as update their contact details.

Here is the final result of this maintenance project, which you can view here.

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