Woo-commerce development project

Luca Miraglia foundation is a local charity who raise to support families like themselves with autistic children, through events, fundraisers, dinners and support from local businesses. Over the years they have become very well known and loved amongst their local community, and many of their supporters expressed a desire to be able to provide donations directly from their website, and not have to wait for an offical event to do so.

The site which was built by another developer, was purely a brochure site. They needed E-Commerce functionality, so I setup and configured WooCommerce, set the price point variables so patrons could choose their donation amount, as well as automatic tax invoicing and purchase emails through WooCommerce PDF invoicing. The end result is, their already existing site has now got E-Commerce functionality and a donation platform so they can raise money year round as opposed to only via event and sponsorships.

You can view their site here.

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