White label wordpress.

Alpha Omega Digital offers a premium white label wordpress business for designers and marketing agencies. White label services are popular with marketing agencies who lack the resources or time to hire and train in house developers. Our service is fully confidential, always subject to an NDA and we (usually) have no communication with the client so your agency maintains that relationship. This is a great option for agencies looking to scale and grow their revenue stream, with little to no financial risk or overheads.

White label packages like all other web projects require a 40% downpayment, but that can be as little as $1400 and the final payment upon project delivery. Alpha omega digital works hard to make sure all project boxes have been ticked, and you don’t pay the remaining balance until those deliverables are complete.

WordPress development skills include:

  • Gutenberg development including custom Gutenberg blocks
  • Custom post types and Advanced custom fields
  • Starter theme development eg underscores, understrap
  • Template files
  • Custom categories and custom taxonomies
  • Search filters
  • Plugin development
  • rebuilding plugin functionality into templates or functions
  • APi integration
  • design system in Figma
  • SEO markup and keyword tagging, alt tags, meta
What is white label wordpress?

White label wordpress is a completely outsourced web development resource. It allows agencies and ancillary businesses such a graphic designers and marketers to provide their clients with a hands off professional wordpress development service, without any risk or overhead. I charge you my wholesale rates, and you are free to charge whatever rates you would like on top whether that is 2,5, or 10 grand.

How long do projects take to finish?

This depends on complexity but for basic sites of 5-10 pages I would say 4-6 weeks, and for more complex sites with alot of custom development requirements an average of 3 months.

Will you sign a NDA?

Yes, all white label work is subject to an NDA and Alpha Omega Digital promises to never contact your clients directly unless you express otherwise.

Do you have package rates for white label wordpress development?

yes, some packages are currently being configured and are suitable for many small business websites. The packages are specific in the amount of pages and what is included so please read them carefully.

Do you include a design/mockup?

It depends on the project budget. For custom builds or clients willing to pay for a design, yes they will receive a design in Figma. For lower budget projects including those in the white label package, a style guide with corporate colours, fonts will be set and a page will be mocked up in the browser.

What quality control measures do you have in place?

All projects are quality checked before the final bill is paid and the site is signed off. The project will be built by myself personally, or another developer I outsource work to but the same measures to check quality assurance are checked off against the project scope to ensure the client is happy and nothing is missed.

Do you white label maintenance services as well such as website updates and code changes?

Yes absolutely, for any maintenance work please contact me for a quote and I will advise the cost. For maintenance work I usually require clients to buy a support hours package and log the hours against the work done. Any leftover hours can be used within 12 months.

Do you include copywriting?

Copywriting is an add on that clients can add to their white label package. Creating content is the area most clients struggle with, and also the reason projects take longer than the expected time. I have a professional copywriter that can assist with content writing in this area.

If you’d like a quote for white label work please contact me and I will get you a quite within 2 days.